Angela Hulbert - Complementary Therapist


During the treatment every inch of the feet (or hands) is massaged and thereflexes relating to specific parts of the body are worked. This induces deep relaxation of the whole body and calms the mind.


Like acupuncture, reflexology stimulates energy/nerve zones (7000+ nerves in the feet!) which rebalance all the organs in those zones. Stress causes imbalance in the body and over time causes ill health. Some people can actually feel a sensation of heat in the area of the body being stimulated on the feet. The reflexologist can feel areas of congestion on the feet – sometimes it feels like grains of sugar under the skin, and by repeatedly working that area, clearing it.

Heal naturally

Reflexology encourages the body to heal itself. The benefits can range from increased energy levels to relief from headaches, tension, IBS, back problems, blocked sinuses, skin problems, and most stress related ailments. We all react individually to reflexology, so the effects cannot be guaranteed or predicted. To date, my experience has found some people do find a reduction or even the removal of symptoms. Everyone gains deep relaxation, and most feel more positive after a treatment.

How many treatments?

For routine re-balancing and relaxation, once a month is fine but if you want to work on a specific ailment, 4 to 6 weekly treatments are recommended. Sometimes an effect can be seen quite quickly in which case the sessions can gradually be spaced out until they are once a month or even less frequent.

Reflexology Combined with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy oils can be included in the reflexology. I use a home-made wax consisting of beeswax and sweet almond oil. A blend of aromatherapy oils can be added to the wax, making the treatment even more enjoyable.