Angela Hulbert - Complementary Therapist
Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

This fast growing stress management treatment is a mood enhancing massage to the shoulders, back, head and neck which relaxes mind and body.

Clients have reported relief from stiff necks, recurring headaches, clearing of sinuses, feeling more clear-headed and positive, to name but a few benefits.

It has helped clients relax before or after a stressful event such as a driving test, medical treatment, job interview or even flying. 

The client remains fully clothed and sits on a chair for the treatment. Usually, the massage lasts about 40 minutes, but can be compressed to as little as 10 minutes for corporate use. It can be a single treatment for a treat but if a particular problem is being addressed, probably at least 4 treatments at weekly intervals should be planned.

A convenient, effective therapy. Ideal for busy people and because there is no need to get undressed and does not need any equipment, only an ordinary chair, it is ideal for use in a corporate environment or at fund raising events.