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The addition of oils enhances the benefits of a massage and the therapeutic properties of specific oils can be used to target particular ailments. Aromatherapy Massage may be lighter because the oils are doing some of the work.

Softening tense, tired muscles and gently releasing stiff joints, massage allows your body to feel at ease. In addition, the increased blood circulation benefits every cell in the body. Massage switches on the calming para-sympathetic nervous system and also causes the release of endorphins which make us feel good. Even if you think you have lost the knack of relaxing, a massage will remind your mind and body of what it feels like to be relaxed.

Benefits every body system

Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage

Massage works on every system in the body. It relaxes the muscles which enables the blood to flow more freely, bringing oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. Simultaneously, the cells get rid of their rubbish. Massage moves the muscles which moves lymph around the lymphatic system to fight infection and remove waste from the tissues.  Some of the many benefits are:

Massage counters the effects of stress on every organ. The deep relaxation induces a meditative state which enables the body to begin healing itself and for the mind to be creative. Better still, a massage is the equivalent of light exercise (uses calories!) and it gives you time for yourself.

Essential Oils

The essential oils are extracted from plants across the world and contain many compounds which have medicinal properties e.g. most people have heard of the antiseptic properties of Tea Tree oil, which is thought to be effective against MRSA or lavender for burns. Essential oils also have an effect on the mind and most are uplifting - some are thought to be particularly good for grief, stress and so on.

Blending Essential Oils

Blending essential oils takes into account the therapeutic properties e.g. chamomile is good for muscle pain but it also balances the fragrance by blending a mixture of perfumes. Some of the types of scent are: floral eg geranium, spicy eg ginger, earthy eg cedarwood, antiseptic eg tea tree, fruity eg sweet orange and so on.

It is thought that when oils are blended, together, the synergy increases their potency and this can be used to target particular ailments. I choose and blend 3 oils from a choice of about 30 oils.

Blending Carrier Oils

The essential oils are generally too strong to be used neat on the skin and are diluted with a plain carrier oil. The carrier oils contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and essential fatty acids. These oils can also be blended to optimise the nutritional content and the consistency of the oil for the best aromatherapy massage e.g. peach kernel is lighter than sweet almond oil, jojoba makes a silky blend, grapeseed is used for people with nut allergies and has a slightly thicker consistency.